Quarrying & Mining Pumps

In the mining industry, downtime is one of the biggest loss-makers. The more time you spend dealing with performance issues and difficult conditions, the less time you spend producing. 

Efficiency is key to profitable operations. Pioneer Pump keeps you up and running with the highest-performing mining pumps available for hire or sale. 

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Dewatering Pumps

4" Dewatering Pumps

6" Dewatering Pumps

12" Dewatering Pumps

High Head Pumps

3" High Head Pumps

8" High Head Pumps

Wash Plant Pumps


4" Wash Plant Pumps

6" Wash Plant Pumps

10" Wash Plant Pumps

Jetting Pumps

3" Jetting Pumps

Silt Removal Pumps


4" Silt Removal Pumps

6" Silt Removal Pumps